The Secret

Once upon a time, a young man asked a saint what the secret to success is. After listening to the man’s question, the saint told the man to meet him at the river in the morning and he would be answered there.

In the morning, the saint and the young man began walking toward the river. They continued into the river, past the point of the water covering their nose and mouth.  At this time, the saint ducked the man into the water.

As he struggled to get out, the saint continued to push him further down. The man felt a fish slip by his leg and squirmed to get up even harder. The saint eventually pulled the man’s head up so he could get air. The man gasped as he inhaled a deep breath of air.

The saint said, “What were you fighting for when you were underwater?” The young man replied, “Air!” The saint smiled and said, “There you have the secret to success. When you want to gain success as much as you wanted air when you were underwater, you will obtain it. Success starts with the desire to achieve something. That’s the only secret.”

Think about what you desire the most in life and work towards getting it. Don’t allow your environment or other people to influence the things that you truly want. Just because the fish swimming by is comfortable with being underwater doesn’t mean that you are.

“If your motivation is weak, your results will follow the same.”

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